Month: January 2018

Radon testing Madison

Drastic Effects of Radon

Radon is estimated to be the second main cause of lung cancer after smoking. In fact, smokers and non-smoker are equally affected by radon gas. Basically, a radon is a radioactive gas, which is formed by the natural process of decomposition of uranium in soil and rocks. The areas with these rocks and soil containing uranium have higher concentrations of radon. Radon from soil gets into a home, air, water simply it penetrates all around us.


How radon cause cancer?

Radon is a radioactive product of radium.  As radon is a radioactive gas when it gets mixed with air particles, we are compelled to inhale it as well. These radon particles do not simply exhale along with carbon dioxide instead they settle down in the alveolar sacs of lungs stimulating cells to divide rapidly without differentiation which causes the accumulation of abnormal cells called tumor, and formation of tumors is simply termed as cancer.


According to recent researches;

The scientist is studying and analyzing the presence of radon as well as effects for several years. From past some years, 18000 people were estimated to die in the U.S by lungs cancer and 1800 in Britain.  The most harmful effects of radon were observed on the people working in uranium-rich mines. But now it is said that if the concentration of radon is above 4pCi in your homes it’s a caution for you to take Radon testing Madison

Also, researcher’s show that the level of radon is less in elevated areas because radon is a dense gas and aggregates near the soil. As far as home is concerned radon concentration is quite high in basement and crawl spaces. Some other products of radon termed as daughter radon products are also very contiguous to health.


What is radon testing?

Radon testing is basically a method to measure the concentration of radon in a place. There are many kits available in the market for this purpose but self-conducted are neither effective nor long lasting that’s why radon testing Madison is the most prior option to get rid of radon.


Why only choose radon mitigation and installation company Madison?

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Along with their other valuable services they are providing vapor intrusion system for last ten years now while buying or selling any sort of property get it radon testing Madison to check the concentration of radon and also for the installation system of radon mitigation system. So there would be a surety of radon free home.

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