Month: March 2018

car rental dubai

The way to get your booking at rental cars UAE

The method to hire a car from rental vehicle works via online machine works easily. It is to offer convenience to the customers as is always done by rental cars UAE. The procedure is quite easy when it comes to rent a car Dubai.

  • You have to start by picking out the car you want to get from their vast collection.
  • In case you are concerned, every detail of the auto with pictures is available with the car you want to rent.
  • Then you have to offer information. It includes details of your region, length of lease and managing charge.
  • After this, the payment techniques are dealt with. These may be the usage of credit score cards or cash on delivery.
  • After doing all the formalities, the automobile is introduced to you in your area.
  • Additionally, about insurance, all vehicles are insured, and you may revel in a carefree ride.

One of the offerings you can avail at rental cars UAE site is greater than 30 present discounts. The instant call carrier calls for you to submit your smartphone range after which the rental car UAE marketers will name you to help you get your exceptional discount.’

However, before you order the car, make sure you read what u=is included in your rental agreement and what is not.Collision Damage Waiver is included in the rental agreement of yours. If the body of the car is damaged in any way, all you have to pay is covered by Collision Damage Waiver. They will cover the damage if you stick to the terms of the agreement to rent a car Dubai.

The comprehensive insurance is included in the rental agreement. It offers the cover for the injuries of a driver and any property damage only if you stick to the terms and conditions of rental.When you get a car for rent, you can enjoy the unlimited kilometres free which are included in your rental agreement. However, if you are changing your rental agreement in any way e.g. its length, your kilometres will also change, and you must pay for extra kilometres you travel.

Things not included in your rental agreement include local charges, valeting fee, pick and drop charges and other fees after your rental agreement has been expired.Besides, the driver of the car or who may drive the car should be a license holder which is one of the main terms placed by rental cars UAE when you are on the way to rent a car Dubai.

Renting a car has become in no way easier before. The car is simply one click on far away from you. In case you have any question or issues, you may avail their 24/7 customer support care wherein the team members are to be had for the chat. You can ask any query you have thoughts concerning hiring a vehicle. You could touch them on thru call, journeying their places of work, emails, and social media as nicely.

All about FIFA 2018 Qualifiers

FIFA is a world-renowned and famous football tournament that is held every four years and each subsequent FIFA world cup finale is hosted by a new country. The first-ever FIFA worldcup was held in 1930 and only thirteen teams participated in that tournament. An amazing and remarkable fact about the popularity of FIFA tournament is that it’s final is the most anticipated and long-awaited final for any sports.



The total number of teams that are allowed to play in the finals of the FIFA world cup is 32. Before 1998, this number of teams was limited to 24. However, due to the increase in the popularity of the game, it was decided that this number would be increased to 32. Amongst the 32 teams that are eligible to play in the finals, 31 teams have to go through and pass the Fifa World Cup Qualifiers.As for the remaining one team, it is by convention ore decided and agreed upon that the team hosting the tournament will not appear for the qualifiers and will still eligible to participate in the finals.


Fifa World Cup Qualifiers are held during the four-year gap between each subsequent FIFA world cup tournament. For instance, the qualifiers to determine which teams will make it to the FIFA Worldcup 2018, the qualifiers began in March 2015.


There are two basic formats based on which the qualifying rounds can be played. Namely, these two recognized formats are:

  1. League Format
  2. Knockout Format


As mentioned earlier, the Fifa World Cup Qualifiers for the FIFA world cup are held during the three-year gap between each subsequent world cup final. Therefore the list of teams that would be playing for the FIFA world cup final 2018 that is to be held in Russia are:

  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • Tunisia
  • Australia
  • IR Iran
  • Japan
  • Korea Republic
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Columbia
  • Peru
  • Uruguay


In the Fifa World Cup Qualifiers that were held to shortlist the teams that would be given a chance to play in the finals of the FIFA world cup Russia 2018, there were 6 confederations in total. The total number of teams that participated in the qualification rounds was 209 amongst which only 32 were shortlisted and they moved to the final rounds. 868 matches were played in which a shocking 2454 total goals were scored. The average of the goals that were scored in every match was 2.83. Now, these 32 qualified teams will compete in the final rounds of the world cup that are to be held in Russia from 14th July 2018 to 15th July 2018.